ATTENTION: Frustrated golfers who've tried everything and still aren't getting the results they want...

How This 23-Year-Old Amateur Golfer Slashed Her Handicap By 14 Strokes In Only 90 Days... WITHOUT Expensive Private Lessons Or Endless Hours At The Driving Range


“I started with a handicap of 41.5 and ended up with 27 after only 3 months.
I am really excited and happy about my golf transformation and I look forward to further advancing my game this year and maybe break 90”

- Hellen H

16th June 2024

Dear Passionate Golfer,

If you want to slash your handicap by four strokes (or more)…

Gain unshakable confidence on every course you play (even in those high stress situations)…

And start enjoying your golf again – all in as little as 90 days – then this will be the most important letter you read all year…

Here’s why: My name is Andrew McCombe, and just few short years ago I too was a stressed, frustrated and confused golfer.

Sure, I loved the game. I was even lucky enough to have my own golf travel show – Golf Getaway at

But even with the advantage of interviewing and playing with golf pros on my show, when I went away and practiced what they taught me…I found the lessons often contradicted each other, were random and had no set structure – or an actual “correct way” – to learn – leaving me feeling even more confused and frustrated!

So, no matter how many pros I interviewed, how much money I dropped on lessons and online courses, my game never really improved at the speed or to the level that I wanted it to.


Everything changed when I stumbled across a unique training methodology that completely transformed my golf game. – I felt like I had ‘cracked the code’ to playing better golf!

Andrew McCombe

Founder, Search 4 Scratch

I discovered how to ‘capture and align with’ my best golf game and unleash it on any course at any time. All by focusing on the four key elements pro golfers use to play golf confidently and consistently.

Once I absorbed this breakthrough training method (which I’ve since dubbed Search 4 Scratch) and put it into practice, the results were stunning.

Using these new-found techniques, I dropped 4.5 strokes in just 2 months. Without ‘swing practice’ and without hours and hours of drills. In fact, there was zero additional technical practice involved.

I know that’s an easy claim to make, so here’s the proof…

That 4-stroke dip was all thanks to a single, powerful relaxation exercise I share in my program Search 4 Scratch and is just one of the many techniques you’ll uncover inside this program.

Bottom line – when you join Search 4 Scratch today, you’ll easily be able to…

Play the most consistent, stress free and
deadly accurate game you’re humanly capable of...

Every time you step onto a course!

That’s a huge claim, I know.

Yet since I’ve started sharing this breakthrough training (alongside my Head of Golf Instruction, Lawrie Montague) with everyday golfers around the globe, the transformations are – literally – off the charts.

Check this out…

“I HALVED my handicap in 4 months!”

Or check out 22 year-old Hellen’s amazing turnaround after we introduced her to our exclusive program…

“I started with a handicap of 41.5 and ended up with 27 in only 3 months”.


How can this be?

How can these students rack up these jaw-dropping results so fast (in as little as a few weeks) when you’ve struggled for years to lower your handicap and ‘level up’ your overall golf game…?

These people have tapped into a completely overlooked (yet wildly successful) golf training method that ‘unlocks’ your best golf game... on ANY course... AT WILL!

But if the training taught inside Search 4 Scratch is so successful, why haven’t you heard about it before?

Simple. You see, in the golf instruction industry, there’s no consistent model for golf improvement. Every golf teacher has his or her own model for teaching golf.

That’s the first problem. But it’s just scratching the surface.

Second, there’s way too much focus on GOLF SWING TECHINIQUE. Smashing balls off a rubber mat at the driving range fails to provide the skills you need to dramatically improve your golf game – because golf is played on a golf course not at a driving range.

Finally, few (if any) golf coaches focus enough on the most critical element of your golf development – your ‘head game’.

Every pro golfer under the sun will tell you a positive mental framework is the key to winning at golf.

As six times Masters winner Jack Nicklaus says: “Golf is 80% mental…”

And this from Arnold Palmer: “The whole secret to mastering the game of golf — and this applies to the beginner as well as the pro — is to cultivate a mental approach to the game that will enable you to shrug off the bad days, keep patient and know in your heart that sooner or later you will be back on top”.

Bobby Jones said “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course – the space between your ears.”

Most of the golf training you see online is all about your swing, or stance or how you hold your club.

Yet when you peel back the layers and you study the greats of the game, all of them made developing a champion mindset priority No. 1.

Point is, if all your golf training amounts to hours clocked at the local driving range focused on ‘technique’… or watching endless hours of YouTube videos on ‘how to hit a ball an extra 100 yards’…

And you’re not cultivating a positive mental attitude when it comes to golf…

No wonder you’re left frustrated with your current progress you’ve only trained on how to swing a club, not how to play fun and effective golf on the course!

Search 4 Scratch is different.

With my Head of Golf Instruction, Lawrie Montague, we’ve crafted a program that shows you how to develop your own champion mindset so you can ‘capture’ your peak golf form and bring it to any course.

You’ll also learn how to balance course management and the technical elements of your game. Handing you the essential skills you need to outsmart and outplay the competition.

You can’t learn this stuff on the driving range!

We’re dedicated to helping you lock on to your full golf potential and enjoy the game of golf again – free of the fear, doubt and confusion that is common place with the standard approach to golf instruction.

Across four core modules: Course Management, Purposeful Practicing, Technique & Champion Mindset you’ll discover the training that has helped hundreds of amateur golfers finally make the progress they’d always dreamed about.

You’ll have direct access to some of the best golf coaches in the industry.

Head coach, Lawrie Montague has more than 30 years’ experience as a high-level golf coach.

He is the former Australian Women’s National Team Coach, and during his multi-decade career has coached tens of thousands of amateur and top ten players.

Not only is Lawrie the Search 4 Scratch Head Coach, he is now the coach of the Indonesian National Golf Team.

As Lawrie says: “I’ve never met an amateur golfer who couldn’t significantly improve their game as long as they receive golf instruction that is communicated to them in their favoured learning style.”

Lawrie Montague

Lawrie Montague

Head Coach, Search 4 Scratch

Join Search 4 Scratch today and you’ll discover...

  • The simple, relaxation technique that can help you drop 4+ strokes from your game in mere weeks (just like it did for me!)
  • The little-known pre-shot routine that helps champions like Rory McIlroy block those negative thoughts that creep in (and how to use this routine to brush past any fears that can impact your game)
  • The incredible ‘1 inch back foot technique that can easily double your swing power and accuracy…even if you have ‘dodgy’ knees, shoulders or lower back
  • How to ‘think’ like a pro golfer and quickly decipher exactly how to play every shot on every hole you play
  • 2 proven ways to easily avoid the dreaded ‘putting yips
  • The 4 critical and fundamental golf skills you need to work on to massively improve your golf game
  • How to quickly and easily overcome obstacles and challenges on the golf course
  • How to develop a purposeful practice process to maximize results
  • How to dramatically improve your scores WITHOUT boosting your drive distance or spending endless hours on the driving range

And that’s still just scratching the surface on the knowledge and resources you can dig into when you join Search 4 Scratch.

Which brings me to…

Who needs Search 4 Scratch?

  • You feel like you’ve tried everything to improve your overall golf game and nothing seems to work
  • You’re confused and frustrated on how to practice effectively (and how to get maximum results from the time you spend on practicing technique)
  • You know deep down you’re capable of far better results than you’re getting on the course right now, but you can never seem to deliver
  • You constantly punish or berate yourself and can’t seem to silence your inner critic
  • You find your brain constantly flicking through golf swing thoughts before each shot
  • Your mental and emotional state is flat out ruining your passion for golf (and you’re unsure what to do to reignite your love for golf)
  • You’re constantly up against seemingly unshakeable challenges like shanks, the yips, first tee jitters or mid-to-late round fade outs
  • You’re not improving anywhere near as fast as you would like
  • You’ve invested lots of time and money into coaches, teachers and other training but you’re still as confused as when you first started!
  • You feel like every coach or instructor is trying to mould you into the next Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott, or Jason Day. But you play off 20, are almost twice their age, don’t have 8 hours a day to practice and your physical ability isn’t what it used to be.
  • The constant pushing (and comparing) from your coach makes you feel more inadequate, confused, and frustrated

Of course, Search 4 Scratch  isn’t for everyone.

If you’re not open minded and you’re not prepared to commit to slashing away at your handicap… then I ask you to kindly close this page and move on with your day.

However, if you’re a male or female A, B or C grade golfer… and you know deep down you could be a far better golfer than you are now with the right training, the Search 4 Scratch program is for you!

and remember…

Search 4 Scratch IS NOT about getting to “Scratch” (or a zero handicap).

Search 4 Scratch is about aiming to reduce your handicap by 4 strokes or more in 3 months or less – so whatever your current handicap is, then your personal scratch would be 4 strokes less than that.

Check out why all these amateur golfers
are RAVING about Search 4 Scratch

Hellen Hou
Hellen Hou 13 Handicap
Glen Bell

Join Search 4 Scratch today and you’ll lower your handicap by 4 strokes in 90 days (or less)

Yes, it’s a bold claim.

But I’m confident we can help you achieve this and more – and we’ve got the track record to prove it.

You’ve already seen the outstanding results some of our students have achieved.

  • 23-year-old Hellen demolished her handicap by a HUGE 14 strokes!
  • Glen Bell HALVED his handicap in a little over 4 months.

But here’s some more incredible proof that Search 4 Scratch works no matter your skill level right now…

“Started the Program last Friday. Played on Saturday and had 38 points. My best round for some time”.
- Russel M
“My score has gone down and down since I started the program. I have gone from approximately 14 shots above my handicap of 36 to an actual handicap of 32.5. I just broke 100 for the first time over 18 holes and this is more than 20shots better than when I started!”.
- Ciara M

Of course, I’m not saying everyone who enrols in Search 4 Scratch will reach the same standout gains as Hellen or Russel or Ciara…

What I can promise you is that the program Lawrie and I have created WORKS. It works like crazy.

That’s why we’re 100% confident in our ‘drop 4 strokes or more’ pledge…

In saying that, the Search 4 Scratch program hands you so much more than a plummeting handicap.

You’ll also discover…

  • How to ‘bottle’ your best golf game and then unleash on any course…at any time… at will!
  • The ‘secret’ pro level course management secrets champion golfers use to decimate the competition
  • How to instantly get into your ‘Theta Zone’ – the mental state the best professionals get into for consistent, accurate and stress-free golf!
  • How to shave 4 or 5 strokes off your game…WITHOUT picking up a single club
  • The little-known ‘hip twist’ manoeuvre that can instantly boost driver distance (and plug any power leaks in your swing)
  • Skinning or chunking your chip shots? Watch this 4-minute, step-by-step video for 7 tips that will get you chipping like a pro in no time
  • 25 videos dedicated to hitting out of a bunker
  • And much, much more…
Samantha Pearce

Once you’re inside the program you’ll be blown away by the golf resources you’ll have access to.

The course is laid out in an easy-to-understand fashion, so you can easily access every element of the program.

Better still, you risk nothing by saying ‘yes’ to enrolling in Search 4 Scratch today.

Here’s why…

'Test drive' Search 4 Scratch for the
next 14 days, no obligation, no strings

I’m so confident in the program we’ve created that I’m happy for you to test drive Search 4 Scratch for the next 14 days without any obligation to continue.

If at any point you don’t think Search 4 Scratch is for you inside those first 14 days, just let me know and we’ll refund every cent you paid.

Join today and you’ll get full and unrestricted access to everything mentioned here today, for life!…

Pro Level Course Management

In the course management modules, you’ll learn how to develop superior course management skills. Course management shouldn’t be taken lightly. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen amateur golfers out-perform more seasoned golfers due to better course management.

In this module you’ll discover… all the key skills you need to

  • The 5L’s Model: This pre-shot system will help you hit every ball with greater confidence and accuracy and minimize those wayward shots
  • The Target Golf Model: Discover how to massively increase your accuracy on every hole (you’ll be stunned by how easy it really is)
  • The 70% Model: How to increase your consistency and confidence by using this little discussed ‘shot zoning’ technique
  • The Personal Par Model: Discover the most effective course management system around. With this knowledge under your belt, you’ll maximise your scoring ability and free yourself from any pressure you may be feeling on the course
  • The 6 x 3 Model: You’ll learn how to remain calm, centred and 100% focused through every round on the golf course

Then there’s…

How to Develop a Champion Mindset

If there’s one thing across the journey of the dozens of students, I’ve taught that’s had the most impact – it’s developing a positive – or as I like to call it – champion mindset.

By cultivating a champion mindset you’ll eradicate the niggly fears and ‘head noise’ that can creep in and affect your game. Again, as Jack Nicklaus says: “Golf is 80% mental…” so, developing a confident, rock-solid mindset is critical to winning at golf.

Here’s what you’ll discover in the Champion Mindset module…

Search 4 Scratch Champion Mindset Video
  • The fastest and easiest way to improve your golf: Discover how to get crystal clear clarity on your vision and purpose for playing golf, so you can develop the right behaviours and attract the right support to achieve your goals
  • The Search 4 Scratch ‘great golf’ process: Learn how to eliminate negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs that hinder your progress (and eliminate them for good)
  • Eye modes and breathing: Learn these simple exercises and instantly remove stress from your game and attract your ideal golf game like bees to honey!
  • Your ideal handicap: A powerful, proven method to hit your ideal handicap lightning fast
  • Gratitude for success: This age-old technique will teach you how to resonate with and attract your ideal golf reality
  • My lost dreams: Learn how to clear any subconscious blockages that are sabotaging your golf performance

The Search 4 Scratch 90-Day Online Training Diary

Accessible on your computer, iPad, or smartphone so you can access it at home, in the office or on the golf course 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Inside the training diary you’ll find…

  • Skill assessments and worksheets: These will help you assess your weakest to strongest areas of your game, monitor progress, adjust your practice plan and more
  • Instructional diagrams, videos, and result sheets: So, you can clearly see how to perform specific skills and document your results
  • A step-by-step program to follow each week: These programs will quickly enhance your skill level and mental toughness
  • A weekly planner & summary: To maximize your efficiency and plan out exactly what you’re prepared to practice each week. Plus, monitor improvements and adjust for the next week
  • Daily training diary: An easy way to record your practice or competition sessions and track your progress

You’ll also receive…

The ULTIMATE Way to Practice

This simply yet highly effective video series will add rocket fuel to your practice sessions and near instantly level up your efficiency and all-round skill level.

You’ll also receive weekly reminder emails to support your progress and goals.

You get all this at a HUGE 25%
discount + lifetime access

As you can see, we’ve packed massive value into this standalone golf training program.

With all the technical, course management, practice and mindset skills combined you’ll easily achieve your golf goals… and quickly see your handicap plummet!

This is the same program that has already helped dozens of regular amateur golfers like you, finally achieve results.

And right now, you can join Search 4 Scratch at a massive discount.

Usually, the investment for Search 4 Scratch membership is $397. I think that’s a bargain already considering the resources available to you and the blood and sweat that have gone into creating this one-of-a-kind golf training.

But you won’t pay anywhere near that today.

No way.

For a limited time, you can become our newest Search 4 Scratch member for just $297.

That’s $100, or 25% OFF the normal retail price.

This is a once-off payment, too. Your $297 hands you LIFETIME ACCESS to the Search 4 Scratch program.

Remember, you’ve got a full 14 days to ‘test drive’ Search 4 Scratch for yourself. If it’s not for you simply contact us within those first 14 days for a full refund.

But wait…

That’s just the beginning of the value on offer here today.

Join now and you’ll also receive…

Exclusive access to FIVE incredible
bonuses worth more than $1,900!

Join now and you’ll also receive access to five bonuses worth $1,941.

First up, you’ll receive instant access to…

BONUS #1: The Golf Confidence
Audio Program (value $397)

Confidence is a critical key to your success as a skilled, well-rounded golfer.

The Golf Confidence Audio Program will quickly help you realise the golfer you desire to be.

The Golf Confidence Audio Program incorporates four specific programs, professionally recorded, and designed to boost your confidence across specific areas of your golf game.$

Join today and you’ll have full access to…


The Putting Confidence Program: This audio set will give you the resources to tackle any putt shot with zero tenacity and poise


The Chipping Confidence Program: Does the thought of chipping tie your stomach in knots? This program is designed to silence those ‘chipping demons’ for good!


The Golf Confidence Program: Designed to provide you with unshakeable confidence in your broader golf game. Incorporate these tactics and strategies into your game and you’ll beam with confidence every time you step onto the course.


The Pregame Relaxation Program: Nervous pregame? Not anymore! The Pregame Relaxation Program will hand you the courage to take on your pregame routine with supreme confidence

On top of the Golf Confidence Program, you’ll also get complete and unrestricted access to…

BONUS #2: Skill Mastery Video Library (Value $797)

The Golf University Skill Mastery Video Library is packed with 250+ skill and drill based video lessons. With more than 20 years of in-the-trenches experience mentoring amateur golfers, we’ve created an entire section of the Search 4 Scratch online portal to skill-based video training.

If you need tips on the technical side of your game, you’ll find everything in the video library. Simply search for ‘putting’ or ‘swing’ and you’ll dozens of videos packed with tips, tactics, and strategies on how to increase your skill level across all the golfing skills.$

Each video is record in professional high-definition video with multiple camera angles so you can see each drill on a tablet, laptop or PC and practice alongside, from your home, office or at the golf course.

If there’s specific areas of your golf game that need a polish, simply consult the video library, and watch the videos.

Then there’s…

BONUS #3: Search 4 Scratch 90 Day Printable Training Diary (Value $197)

You’ll receive a printable training diary that you can easily bring along to any course with you.

You still have full access to the online training diary. But a lot of our students prefer the printable version.

Inside, you’ll find everything included in the online version like skill assessments and worksheets, instructional diagrams, access to videos and result sheets, weekly planner and more!

BONUS #4: Lifetime ‘early bird’ discount on any Search 4 Scratch Golf School (Save up to $550)

The Search 4 Scratch Golf Schools are a great way to catch up with your fellow Search 4 Scratch participants and put your new-found skills to good use – in a fun and friendly environment.

You’ll be able to learn directly from our coaching staff – and have a couple of rounds to boot!

BONUS #5: Access to the Search 4 Scratch ’19th Hole’ private Facebook group (Value = PRICELESS)

In the private Search 4 Scratch Facebook group you can meet, interact, and learn from the experiences of other students inside the program as well as the Search 4 Scratch coaches.

You get $1,900+ of extra value ON TOP of the Search 4 Scratch Program - all for a single $297 payment today!

I’m sure you’ll agree – this offer is an absolute bargain.

But I’m not sure how long you’ll see entry to Search 4 Scratch perched at this ultra-low price.

We’ll raise the price at some point. But for now, you’ve got the opportunity to access everything we’ve discussed here today for just $297.

That’s a one-off payment by the way. Plus, you’ve got lifetime access to all current and future Search 4 Scratch content.

Again, that tiny $297 hands you access to the core Search 4 Scratch program that includes…

  • Pro Level Course Management
  • How to Develop a Champion Mindset
  • The Search 4 Scratch Online Training Diary
  • The Ultimate Way to Practice Competition sessions

On top, you’ll receive instant access to your FIVE bonuses – valued at more than $1,900 – for no extra cost…

  • BONUS #1: The Golf Confidence Audio Program (value $397)
  • BONUS #2: Skill Mastery Video Library (Value $797)
  • BONUS #3: Search 4 Scratch 90 Day Printable Training Diary (Value $197)
  • BONUS #4: Lifetime ‘early bird’ discount on any Search 4 Scratch Golf School (Save up to $550)
  • BONUS #5: Access to the Search 4 Scratch ’19th Hole’ private Facebook group (Value = PRICELESS)

All yours – right now – for just $297.

And don’t forget…

You've got a full 14 days to make up your mind

There’s no risk when you sign up for Search 4 Scratch today. You’ll have 14 days to make your way through all the content and if at any point you’re not happy – just shout out and we’ll refund your $297.

I doubt you will though…

With the number of resources up for grabs for only a few hundred dollars, you’re getting a great deal.

You’ll get everything you need to finally start hitting the results you want as a golfer.

If you’ve ever wondered how good you could be at golf with the right training, it’s time to join Search 4 Scratch and find out!

Click the button below to join now.

See you on the inside!


Andrew McCombe

Founder, Search 4 Scratch